52 Things .+? Geocomputing is in the works 🚀

For previous books, we’ve reached out to people we know and trust. This felt like the right way to start our micropublishing project, because we had zero credibility as publishers, and were asking a lot from people to believe anything would come of it.

Now we know we can do it, but personal invitation means writing to a lot of people. We only hear back from about 50% of everyone we write to, and only about 50% of those ever submit anything. So each book takes about 160 invitations.

This time, I’d like to try something different, and see if we can truly crowdsource these books. If you would like to write a short contribution for this book on geoscience and computing, please have a look at the author guidelines. In a nutshell, we need about 600 words. A figure or two is OK, and code is very much encouraged.

We would also like to find some reviewers. If you would be available to read at least 5 essays, and provide feedback to us and the authors, please let me know.

In keeping with past practice, we will be donating money from sales of the book to scientific Python community projects via the non-profit NumFOCUS Foundation.


The 52 Things series of books has had a tradition of providing various indexes allowing the content to be accessed via useful dimensions. Dimensions such as Alphabetically, Author, Location or Theme. Indicies available in this book are:

  • Alphabetical

  • By Author

  • By Topic