Submitting an article

Thank you for thinking about writing for 52 things!

We’re collecting advice and stories — the sort of honest, candid advice and stories you usually only hear in pubs — about geocomputing. ‘Geocomputing’ is anything in the intersection of computers and rocks, or code and earth science. Someone, somewhere sent you to this page because they think you have a story, or can share some advice, that others in the community will want to read.

We’ve done our best to make it easy to submit. You can write to the editor, Matt, at You can make a pull request to this repo. Or you can probably get back to the person who sent you this way. And don’t worry too much about style or layout or anything like that: we love editing! (We’ll run the edited version by you, of course.)

Making a submission

A word about figures

  • Usually there’s only room for 1 or 2 figures.

  • The book is black and white, please consider this when making figures.

  • Figures are reproduced full-width on the page, so aim for ‘landscape’ orientation. Put smaller or squarer figures side-by side (see below).

  • Please provide an SVG or PDF if you can.

  • If you provide a raster, PNG is better than JPG

  • If you provide a raster, please make it very large: at least 4000 pixels across.

  • If you provide a raster, please provide the ‘raw’ image with no annotation as well as a ‘complete’ figure with the annotation. I usually end up redrawing figures with the book’s fonts etc, and this is easier with a blank slate.